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I am a Danish photographer living in Copenhagen, with the habit of bringing a light catcher device - which I draw faster than my own shadow - everywhere. I been making photos for a few years now and loving it even more now than the day I got my first camera. 

I always wanted to share my photos and stories with the rest of the world, and that is why I started my blog "Just Walked By" where I post new photos regularly. 
But I sort of felt the need for a place where I could show off my best work and that's the place you're at right now, my Smugmug portfolio, here I made a personal selection of the best photos from my blog. 

A little about myself, I work in the film and television industry here in Denmark, and the money earned here are saved and spend on various travels around the world. 

I like making photos within all kinds of genres, but my preferred ones are Landscapes, street photography and non studio portraits. I also have a penchant for taking photos at night – or just when it is dark.

If you're interested in buying one - or more - of my photos go to JWB Store where you'll find custom made posters and postcards, a print shop and other cool stuff.

Unless otherwise noted, all images on this site are available through a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives license, which means that you can use them without extra permission on your blog, desktop and so on. On condition that your use is noncommercial (you are not making money or promoting any product or service that costs money). 

If you wanna use one, or more of my photos for humanitarian purpose or on your noncommercial blog – which you are more than welcome to – here is how to give a good Creative Commons credit, add this below each photo you use “Photo courtesy of Just Walked By" (with a working link back like this one or if you are really nice and über cool then you make the link directly to the photo you used)

Enjoy and when you're done here please drop by my blog

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